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    Hello. I've had thin hair all of my 40 years (birthday was in March) but within the last month it's gotten beyond anything I've experienced. So, the time for me to get a wig is fast approaching. I am a stay at home mom so with one income, I cannot afford to pay for anything high dollar. With all of my research, human hair wigs seem to be the most realistic but also the most expensive. Since going synthetic is the route I'll be taking when the time comes, what is the best brand that anyone can recommend to me? I'm hoping to find a wig that is reasonably priced as well as looking close to natural as possible.

    Thank you ladies!
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    I've never worn a wig myself, but a few months ago I was doing a little research, in case I ever do find myself at a point where I'd like to. Cost is definitely an issue for me too, as I am still pretty young and haven't even had a chance to pay off my student loans. I can't believe how much most human hair wigs are!

    If you are going for synthetics, I've seen some pretty good looking wigs by Jon Renau (they do human hair as well). The good thing about these too is that they're sold on most wig websites, so they're accessible. There are a couple of people on youtube who've reviewed or wear Jon Renau synthetic wigs. I really like the look of some of the ones AlopecianChic wears in this video:

    Good luck finding something that works for you!
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    Wow! Thank you soooo much for leading me to her and her videos. She is such a positive, strong and inspirational person! She is a beautiful girl and in my opinion looks better without her wigs.
    I didn't expect to gain a new perspective but I'm glad I did so thank you.