Will the climate changing now trigger more shedding?

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    I do have a question but thought an introduction would be good first. Hi all I am new to this forum. I have been dealing with my thinning hair alone but cannot anymore, I need some answers, support and advice. A little history; I am 35.5 years old, I began noticing my hair thinning and shedding more about 1.5 years ago, I have a lot less hair than I did 2-3 years ago. I am scared because the women in my have very thin, sparse hair and fear I am heading down that road. The doctors I have seen do not seem concerned, they say it was probably triggered by stress. I was put on Ortho Cyclen. I guess they want to wait until I am half bald before they investigate but I am not gonna wait for them, I will just start treating it myself. They did check my thyroid and other routine things. I could not convince them to check my hormones even though the Gyno said at my age they start changing and could trigger hair loss. Has this been told to anyone else? I feel alone and nobody around cares how I feel, it is very depressing. I already have other body issues that make me look not so feminine.
    Anyway...my first question is; Now that Spring is here in Minnesota and we recently have had some 80 degree days, is that what could be triggering more noticeable shedding? I thought maybe the Ortho Cyclen was helping some but the shedding is starting again. How many hairs should I allow to come out of my head daily before I go back to the doctor and how long should I wait? I have been saving the hairs and setting them aside as proof of what is going so they do not think I am crazy. Also if I get my hair trimmed more often could this help with the shedding? Thanks.