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    while researching online, i came across this blog kellyshairloss.livejournal[dot]com which took me to this womenshairlosscouncil[dot]com just wondering if any of you ladies heard of this program and any thoughts on it. i was about to order the program but i find it peculiar how the blog was created on 12-03-09 with entries dated prior and when you type in women's hair loss council in google, the blog came up as a sponsor link. i'm desperate, but i also want to make a wise decision. apparently, the founders of the program were on oprah, but i can't find that footage either. any thoughts or suggestions will be much appreciated. thanks.
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    Dear Nsa -

    I ran across this site in google the other day because it seems they are buying google keyword ads under the keyword of this site name, "Women's Hair Loss Project." In my opinion the whole thing looks very shady and I would definitely NOT purchase their product. They are selling an "ebook" called, "Hair and Back Again" The WHLC Guide to Reversing Hair Loss Written and edited by the Women's Hair Loss Council based on a decade of research. A decade of research? I mean really, the site was just registered in Aug 24, 2009.

    When you scroll down the main page you see an area under "Customer Reviews" that is just an image they obviously stole from a book on amazon that had that rating. I realize they don't claim it is an amazon book, but anyone who has ever been to amazon can tell that is where that image came from. And to further add insult to injury the majority of their women's hair loss information they are offering up on their site, was lifted right off the American Hair Loss Association women's section. Naughty Naughty. Try and click on their "BBB" image, you know where it goes? Nowhere because it is just an image, usually when someone displays a BBB image you click on it and go to THEIR BBB rating page. But not so in this instance.

    Quite frankly the whole thing is very reminiscent of the Ashley Michaels Becky's Blog incident:


    Anyways, in my opinion, I would definitely walk away from purchasing anything from that website... the whole thing is very fishy! There are plenty of places that will will try to sells you ebooks and products that simply do not work. Be careful of what you purchase online and always do your research.
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    thank you for confirming my suspicions. after having forked over nearly $600 on a hairmax laser comb while visiting bosley, i'm very skeptical these days. i was just researching and discovered the blog and then the site, but things just didn't add up. back to square one now. thanks for the prompt reply.