Worst dermatologist appointment ever

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    I just got back from the dermatologist, waited 24 weeks for that (DIS)appointment and he kept changing his story, and contradicting himself. If TE is caused by stress I will lose shedloads after today! I need to vent a little if I don't I will just end up crying and getting more upset.

    First he looks at my hair, very briefly, no pull test, just a little look and declares I have female pattern baldness and nothing can be done about that, it's hereditary and there is nothing I can do. Then I mentioned my low ferritin levels I've been struggling to increase, he says oh yes, that can cause hair loss, if you get your levels back up, then hopefully your hair will grow back, it's telogen effluvium. I said I had a little less shedding and some baby hairs growing, that I'd also been taking hair supplements. He said the supplements won't help at all, because my problem is hormonal, and he is sure that my diet is fine. But I could of course try monoxidil, but hey, I don't really want to try that. It's not a solution that appeals to me. Oh so what are you going to do. Hmmm leave, that's what I will do, just leave here

    How can I get a diagnosis of female pattern baldness and TE? I am so angry, I will just keep doing what I do and keep trying to increase my ferritin levels.

    And breathe!
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    When I first started experiencing hair loss I went to about 3 or 4 dermatologist to finally realize that none of them had a clue about hair loss. All the co-pays and time wasted. Save your money.

    You are better off doing your own research and trying different methods to reduce shedding. I think the first thing is do is get a handle on the shedding and then see if you are experience any regrowth.

    If you search though this board there is a lot of helpful information.

    It could be:

    - Low ferrtin (need to be around 120 for hair production) - supplement until you reach that level
    - Low Vitamin D (need to be around 100 mark as well I believe)
    - If you're in Menopause (get your hormone levels checked)
    - Check your thyroid levels (you could be like be with a sluggish thyroid
    but if your numbers are within the medical communities "range" they will
    not treat you, even though your thyroid may not be optimized.
    You may need to look into finding herbs and vitamins that support thyroid function
    -Could be an autoimmune issue due to heavy metals in your system
    -Gluten intolerance

    You will have to look at every thing and work to correct one thing at a time with a process of elimination. No dermatologist can help you with that, you'll have to take matters into your own hands and try your best to find the source of your problem.

    A dermatologist's office is not going invest that kind of time in you, you will have to do it yourself.

    Best of luck to you and keep fighting the good fight!