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    • Hello Alopecia Friends,
      My daughter Kimi is getting married in September and I, of course, am absolutely thrilled. Her fiance' is a wonderful man who I absolutely love. My dilemma is, as the "Mother of the Bride," I will be in the spotlight quite a bit at the wedding. As a lot of you know, I have a headful of tattoos and do draw attention to myself pretty much wherever I go. I, however, do not want to draw attention to myself at Kimi's wedding because she deserves the whole spotlight. My question is, what do I wear on my head??? I refuse to wear a wig because it is not "me" and everyone knows that about me. I wore a wig at my own wedding and I regret it to this day. Not that I didn't look "fabulous," but, because I did it for everyone else and not for me. After all, isn't that what a wedding is all about??? The bride and the groom!! My girls were very disappointed that I wore a wig also. So, does anyone have any suggestions on what I could wear that would cover my tattoos but still look elegant??? Thanx for listening.
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    Congratulations Dotty! OMG you must be so thrilled. I think a beautiful white silk scarf or head wrap to match you outfit would be very elegant as mother of the bride.

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    Congratulations! And I agree! I think a beautiful silk scarf would be perfect. You can find them in solid colors to match any outfit or with a simple elegant pattern. Good luck! There are tons of online merchants. I've searched several times and but am still looking for somthing in my "everyday" price range.