wtf endocrinologist!!!!

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    Hi all, so I am right now on Yaz and 50mg (not enough) of spiro per day. I got this prescription from a hair focused derm in SF, and when I went back to Boston for school i saw an endocrinologist. I told her that I had a little bit of sadness on the Yaz, but nothing I couldnt handle. I have depression and this was NOT depression, just crying about boys. nbd. She really wanted to change my BC for this reason.

    What did she change me to, you ask? ******* LOESTRIN!!!!! Why would she give me the WORST POSSIBLE PILL FOR HAIR LOSS???? Not only that, since it doesn't have the drospirenone in it, that means I am getting only 50 mg of spiro total. She also didn't want to raise my spiro dose at all even thought I have NO side effect.

    My pill pack is going to run out in a couple days and I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I can't take Loestrin!!! I called on Tuesday, no response. Wednesday, no response, today I left a message. If I hadn't gone to this doctor, I would still be able to take good ol Yaz but I am sure this prescription bumped it out of the system. This is ridiculous bc I am only 19 and my balding is getting so bad that if I go out with wet hair people give me strange looks. :( I don't know what to doooooo