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    I've posted on this site here and there, I've had hair loss for over 20 years, it comes and goes in severity. I've been to many doctors to no avail, there was never anything "wrong" with bloodwork, screenings, etc. I even saw Dr. Redmond, the famous guy who wrote that book about hair loss. I really didn't need to see him, although his premise was correct in my case, my hair loss is definitely due to hormones. During my three pregnancies my hair stopped shedding, afterwards my loss would be horrific, but even in the years in between it would go bad then subside over and over. I've used extensions to cover the loss and rogaine which I think is helpful.

    Anyway, after my last pregnany I had lost so much hair it was worse than ever, the hair was all over the house, in our food, etc. My scalp was too visible and the makeup used to cover it wasn't enough. I saw Dr. Redmond who prescribed the pill and spirlactaine (sorry I have no idea how to spell that, but it's his standard preascription.) I never did what he said, he was very creepy and he had messed up the blood work and blamed the blood center, etc, he was just weird. It was a waste of $500.

    I then spoke to my gyno who pretty much just said yeah I should try Yaz (or rather the generic.) So I did. And literally within 3 weeks my hair stopped falling out. It grew back....it's been I think 6 months since I started this pill and my hair is normall at the scalp for a few inches and totally thin for the rest of the length like barely any there, it's so freaky, but this is the regrowth. And there is rarely a stray hair strand on my shoulder or in the house. I wish I had done this 20 years ago. I still wear extensions to make up for the lack of long hairs, but my scalp is covered with hair growing from it.

    For me I can only be on the pill for another 5 - 10 years because of my age, at which point I imagine my hormones will go nuts again and drop everything. But for now, I'm so happy. Bonus is my skin is nice too!

    I know everyone is different, but for 20 years I suffered so much anxiety over hair loss, crying, depressed, etc. I guess I should have realized the obvious for me that it was indeed my hormones. I"m really grateful for this pill.

    good luck everyone!